And the Answer is…

Why do I Blog?

Initially, I blogged more or less to keep a little diary summary of my lie and any thoughts I wanted, also it was a way to keep friends who lived out of town a way to keep up what was going on the world of the Sandman.
After that it became, a bit of free for all for silly quizzes, lists etc. as well as a place to get things off my chest. Then after a while for whatever reason, I stopped blogging. Possibly due to time or commitment, I can’t really recall but I know a few of my friends drifted off and there was no one to catch up on or to read my blog so I stopped for about four years.
Then due to various things going on in my life and the increased social media presence I resurrected the blog when over coming a bad bout of depression, partially on doctor’s advice to write a diary or some such. Naturally I resurrected my Livejournal account and started to write again. The advantage now was that with Twitter and Facebook I could read a wider audience, plus it gave me the chance to expand in my own time what was going on in my life and explain things which cannot really be explained in a Tweet or a Facebook account update. I moved to WordPress for my public blog as I felt there was a better community sense going with various ways of blog linking such as the Daily Prompt and Challenges and if are honest, WordPress is a lot more visible then Livejournal. I do keep my Livejournal going for my personal posts, but its now a friends only account and public versions of the posts appear here on WordPress minus elements which I only wish to discuss with friends.

Another big factor for my blogging is it is simply writing practice..

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