Second Sight

If you could ask one question about the future and be assured of receiving a truthful answer, what question would you ask? What would you hope to hear as the answer
Ah the old Pandora’s box question. This poses an interesting postulation about the nature of the future. If it is a guaranteed truthful answer, how long will it be true? Will knowing what is to come alter the future and the answer therefor negating the truth or if it cannot be changed does this mean the future is as set in stone and unchangeable as the past? If that is the case does that mean were are all predestined to a fate and that free will merely is an illusion? Or does having the foreknowledge make it something of a bootstrap paradox where because you know the answer you are the cause of it happening.

On this occasion, I think I would take ignorance over knowledge because ultimately it would mark the rest of my days.


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