Mission to Destiny

What’s the date today? Write it down, remove all dashes and slashes, and write a post that mentions that number.

While thinking of material for this post I was reminded of the 7th episode of classic British Sci-fi series Blake’s 7, in which our ‘heroes’ get involved in a whodunit.

For those of you unfamiliar with Blake’s 7 it was the British Star Trek only with the budget of a Police series which could only afford two Police cars. Oh and in this case the Federation are the bad guys, well maybe, well yes but the heroes aren’t exactly wholesome.

But if you know very little about Blake’s 7 you could easily  watch this episode for what it is. A whodunit on a spaceship and the MacGuffin is a series of numbers written in blood 5 4 1 2 4. Well, it fooled me when I was 12.

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