Costume Me

Cosplay (‘costume play’) is a popular pastime for many people — dressing up as a favorite fictional character for different reasons (conventions, holidays, events). For those who partake, what’s the best costume you’ve ever created or worn? What’s the best one you’ve ever seen from someone else?

I never really have been one for cosplay or fancy dress since primary school where there was an annual fancy dress day. The notion being you’d dress as a favourite book character, though it wasn’t strongly enforced as kids would dress as Batman, Ghostbusters etc. One year I did put a lot of effort into a Cyberman costume complete with head mask, piping down my arms and chest unit (well a polystyrene block shaved down and spray painted silver) which almost had twinkling lights but I ran out of time. Since then on the rare occasions I have done cosplay it has been shop bought costumes which have had multiple uses. The costumes are Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and Sherlock Holmes… are you detecting a theme there?

The person who is the Queen of fancy dress has to be my good friend Amy, whose fancy dress costumes are great as she always puts a lot of effort in to her costumes and general style. You can follow her blog here


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