A Crime in Blackpool

As I  work on the resurrected Pier Pressure I find myself facing a few issues, some of which are easily resolved, others not so much.  So for those who have read the chapter here are a few questions.

1. Have I started at the right point? Originally I conceived the story as a 50 minute screenplay for a series I naively thought I could pitch to a TV company. In its draft form (well scribbled notes), I had a teaser sequence involving a car crashing into the sea. Where the written version begins is what would be the post titles scene.

2. Dr. Webster.  He’s the lead character. How well does him come across? I am worried about him seeming pervy.

3. Debbie. I will admit I do find it hard to write female characters. Critique please as she is the principal ‘guest character’.

4. Am I repeating too much? Namely Bill as I preempt what he is going to talk to Dr. Webster about.

5. How well have I seeded the mystery?


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