The Hunger Runner Divergence

Several of the most popular young adult books in recent years have set their young main characters in a dystopian future, pitting them against each other or frightening other forces. Do you enjoy these types of books? Why or why not? How do you feel the young adult stories being written today compare to those of your childhood?

This is nothing new, these books are just sci-fi reworkings of the spirit of a parable. How many stories by the Grimms, Hans Christian Anderson etc have similar ideas. Children facing of wicked Queens and evil Wizards. However I do think there is now a lot less optimism in recent fiction, gone are the days of rip-roaring adventures and fighting the good fight. This is a reflection of the audience though, there is a lot less trust about authority etc.

Blade Runner has been an influence on most modern sci-fi and it shows. Wouldn’t it be nice just once to have a Utopia under threat as opposed to a rebel rising.


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