Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

Edited because I can’t give my side of the Story. Ted Mosby was right, nothing good happens after 2am. If it is 2am, just go home and go to bed. 

I took my dad to see the new James Bond movie on Monday. It is a good film, not as good as Skyfall or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service but its much better then Moonraker or Quantum of Solice. Not really a spoiler, the villian is Blofeld, yes he has the cat. It is a little bit of a cut and paste movie as there are elements of Live and Let Die, OHMSS, Living Daylights and License to Kill in it. It is interesting as it is a very long Bond film and hss a bit of a dual identity, it has action pieces but at times it feels like it wants to be the Ipcress File. The scenes with Mr. White reek of Deighton and Le Carré and ring more of the Bond in Fleming’s books. There is humour along the way though, the car chase in Paris for example and a reworking of a very rude joke from Porridge at the end climax. M, Q and Moneypenny have larger then usually roles too. The song is really shit though, disappointing after the wonderful song for Skyfall, though to be fair there hasn’t been a really good Bond song before Skyfall since Live and Let Die.

I finally wired up the PS4 due to my DVD remote falling apart, but due to complicated reasons (mostly due to beer) I couldn’t figure how to get it to play Blu-Ray or DVD, (internet update numpty), so in a fit peak I bought a 50 pound Blu ray player… so now I can actually wstch the Ipcress File which is one of three Blu-rays I own, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and some horror about a haunted book are the others, for now. The PS4 came with a game but I am not really into First Person Shooter games, I prefer puzzle games.

Which brings me back to Dizzy and the newly released Wonderland Dizzy which was a NES intended game. It is a partial reworking of Magicland Dizzy but has the option of playing two characters, Dizzy and Daisy. Some puzzles are the same, though the Power Pill has been replaced by Holy Water and the Shark is replaced by a whip. It and the classic original games are available to play online here

I haven’t mentioned Doctor Who yet. The Zygon two parter has caused alot of controversy due to the plot which is pretty much a sci-fi version of the whole ISIS situation. Part one was too right wing, part two too left and the recent bombing of a Russian plane caused complaints about the cliffhanger and resolution. But, goood. This was the most old school Doctor Who for ages, even if sci fi is not your thing I suggest you check the story out. A newbie should be able to follow but if not Day of the Doctor and the equally controversial Dark Water/Death in Heaven two parter will bring you up to speed. If you have recently suffered the death of someone a word of warning, there is an upsetting moment in Dark Water (which is a lie by the Master to convince people) where people who go to heaven still feel what happens to their bodies. So you “hear” a guy screaming through his autopsy. It is all plot related though and not just thrown in for the sake of it.

Oh and recently I received an inbox from a woman I haven’t heard from for years. Her name starts and ends with an A, she has dark hairnand wonderful brown eyes. Yes, my “baby sister” Amanda. Very nice hear from her again. Oh you thought I meant Andrea didn’t you….

Sadly not but I really wish she was on the end of my social media, I really wis she was hear. This post needs to be  analysised by a former drinker at Cheers:

Since I wrote this post on Livejournal the Amy has chosen to terminate our long standing friendship. She has given reasons about drifting apart socially and my apparent demeanour with other women over the past few years. Not really sure what she means about that and she didn’t really explain, as I have been very kind to my femail friends. She bought up my battle with depression which I over came.


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