The Angry Sandman says

Well it seems giving my side of a story has resulted it bullying comments. I’m only human and it is possible I misread things but I merely presented thing as I interpreted things. But equally I was only speculating on other matters, speculation based on a rather abrasive series of rants against me when I started dating Philippa. “Why has have you choose her over me?” Oh if you didn’t want me to say about stuff there are things you can say before hand like “between you and me” or “off the record”.

But you accusse me of an non-existing obession with boobs. Er, if that were the case would not my social media would be filled with page 3 girls and links to Playboy? Yes I followed some old school pin up magazines, but there are very tame, teasing and glamorous and not pornographic.  I have always been very polite to my female friends, anything on a romantic sense has always been on a humorous side emphasising my shyness and ultimately being the man who sees the girl from Ipanema and goes “aww”. So I suggest you stop getting wound up and remember I wanted to talk about everything the Morning after. Not did I at all say you were seducing me… I even quoted “I feel like I’m leading you on”


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