Counting back from 10

Have you had any major surgery in your lifetime? What was it (if you feel comfortable talking about it) — did it help you like it was supposed to? Are you generally fearful of such surgeries, or is it no big deal to go ‘under the knife’?


Luckily to date I have not had to go under the Surgeon’s knife for anything. I’ve had three X-Rays, two on my chest and one on my knee. The chest X-Rays were to establish if I had a partial collapsed lung but transpired I just had a chest infection and later following my car accident to assess for any damage. I have had an MRI scan on my knee to try and locate the cause of my knee pain. It still is mystery to this day. So touch wood, I will continue to escape major surgery, not that I am scared of it, just I would rather not have to have it done.


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