Throwback to last Summer


Rediscovering an old love

Ok this part is perhaps not quite what you may first think….. no I have no got back with Mary or Philippa (who sent me a bullying email because I called her a bully… irony, like spelling, is not her strong suit) but more an old love on the entertainment front. I blame Neil and Sue Perryman for this, as through their current blog I have acquianted myself with classic sci-fi series Blake’s 7. The blog in question basically is Neil and his long suffering wife Sue, watch the entire series in order and he records her opinion. The blog itself is a spin off from Perryman’s earlier blog in which he gets Sue to watch every old Doctor Who in order…. this lead to a book being published which still currently available on Amazon and good bookshops in the UK. While not quite the same I imagine Brett and April have a similar experience over Blues music lol…. but the whole essence is that these quirks and indulgences don’t matter if two people are truely in love. Seems I have a long way to go….

Anyway, the presence of this blog has got me to drag out my Blake’s 7 DVDs and in somecases VHS as my copy of series one has gone AWOL. Yes it is cheap, yes Paul Darrow produces more ham than a brace of pigs but it is so entertaining and at times very dark, (for example in episode one three children are brain washed into thinking Blake sexually assulted them). Thing is I was about 12 first time round and watching it back as a cynical 31 year old it would be churlish of me to knock where the producation shows up the limited resources, but there is a lot of political and character intrigue I missed out on first time around and I found that I liked some episodes a lot more viewing as an adult, Trial and Traitor are examples of this. Yes there are several which rewatching now are just utter shite…. they are easy to spot, the episode title is usually followed by one of these two phrases “By Allan Prior” or “By Ben Steed”, the latter in particular for his incredibly sexist writings. Seriously he has issues with women…. perhaps he was a repressed homosexual…. look at “Power” there is something lurking about all these displays of physical strength to show you are a true man, subtext there I think.

New Beginnings
Well on the music front I have discovered a new Jazz singer by the name of Gregory Porter, who is very good. I often tend to keep an ear out for male singers as the whole jazz singer idiom is predominantly female. So when a good one turns up all the better, especially one who writes as well as sings. He is a feature of the proms this year so keep an ear on Radio 2 and 3. Of course no talk of Porter would be complete without mentioning his distinctive head gear, a mix between hat and balaclava. Quite why he wears I don’t know, is he a sikh? Or does he from ear ache or a jaw injury perhaps? But as Churchill said: “Never appear in public without your trademark.”


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