Fighting the Cold War

Winter is coming and with it comes an increase in colds, flu, and other illnesses. What home remedies were you treated with when you were a child? Did you like them? Which do you still use today, if any, and which have you left behind?


My overall memory of cold treatment as a child was a small glass of warmed maple syrup and a small tot of Whisky, but I have feeling this may have been to send me a bit dozy and the old stand by of having my mother rub Vic’s Vapour Rub on my chest. As I got older it was down to cough sweets like Tunes and Lockets which I think did was more to do with just following social convention. These days it just tends to be Lemsips, herbal Tea and early nights. I do recall having a bit of a cough when staying with Philippa, it was just a bit of a cough and blocked nose though she decided it was akin to the plague. So I was essentially put in Quarantine for the night with a trio of herbal pills (one of which I am sure was a sleeping pill, as I went out like a light) and a ginger based hot toddy which was her step-dad’s recipe. I don’t think it worked better then any of my usual methods, but it was easier then arguing I was fine.


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