Two’s A Crowd

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?


“You got that tape running?”

“Good, now hand me that bottle and let be tell you a real story.”


It was the second year that the club was running in both cities, Teresa and I had worked our butts off getting the primary venue off the ground and we were turning in a good audience and developing a hell of a reputation after a few false starts. I could tell you some stories about when we first opened, man that shit was real.  Well after about 8 months things settled into the format we wanted, well not what we wanted but it was a happy medium. We would reside at the start of the week for a jam-cum-open mic night and we got real bands for the weekends for which we would either be supporting or an ensemble from the sessions would. Now much as I loved the music part I felt my presence would be best used running the bar and Teresa  could run the P.R. side with the bands. Besides, most bands and audiences prefer a pretty face to host the evening. Well after 18 months it was suggested by Teresa to open a sister venue out of town and going by our stagename it became obvious very quickly that the new venue should be home in England. I favoured the West Midlands as the Smoke was all ready over saturated and we would permanently be in the shadow of Ronnie’s. So I returned to England, leaving Teresa, her brother Tony and her sister Cassie to run the club.

Now, the West Midlands had changed a little since I left and various building improvements and closures of old places meant that some of the old charm had gone. But I found a nice little venue and got Teresa to fly over and help sort out the setup. Now this was where it got complicated as one of us needed to be around while the place was being prepared, we both couldn’t stay because we had our place in the States to run. So I stayed and sorted out the England venue and she returned home with the intent of coming over for our grand opening, however that was difficult but we managed it.  Now flitting between the States and the UK is draining both physically, mentally and in financial terms so after two years it was decided that I would be mostly England based. This was mostly fine save for a few run ins regrading the direction music wise in the USA. But as what happens with a lot of attractive young ladies she met a young man and the appeal of putting some much time into the Venue faded a bit so I once again had to flit between the two. Then one morning Teresa came in and told me she was expecting. Now while that shit is good news for families, it is not the best for running a internationally paired Jazz Club. So as you can guess one of the places either had to go or I needed a new partner. So I looked for a new partner and that is how Jack came on the scene. Jack is a Brit ex-pat who knows his shit both musically and business wise, so I put him in charge of the States venue and babysat him for two months before I returned to Blighty. It has been a struggle but man I’ve managed to keep those motherfuckers running. It is a shame that I can’t evenly spend my time between the two… but now with a music tour to do, it ain’t feasible.

What’s our next aim? Well in the UK the club has some rooms upstairs so I have started using it as a musician’s travelodge. I think we need to look into that Stateside once Teresa’s kid is at school. You see Teresa thinks I’m trying to get shot, I’m not, I just need a full timer to put the hours in.

“So that’s why things changed, what else do wanna know?”

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