Easy as Pi

Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

I cannot recall the last time this happened. I think mostly because I make certain of my facts before venturing an opinion.  The nearest I can think of is being pleasantly surprised by albums and books I had doubts about. Seth MacFarlene of Family Guy fame did a swing album a few years ago  called Music is Better Then Words and it was very good, likewise Jamie Cullum’s latest album Interlude was a very pleasant surprise to find out how good it was. I was very impressed by him using the original lyrics for the tune now more commonly known as A Night in Tunisia, which is the title track. The only other recording of the song with those lyrics that I know of is an early Sarah Vaughan recording with Dizzy Gillespie, the composer of the song.

There are  a few artists I have warmed to over recent years such as Sonny Rollins, Grant Green and Courtney Pine whom while I  appreciated, they didn’t really do it for me.

2 thoughts on “Easy as Pi

  1. Interrsting sp I asked my jazz expert, Mr. Swiss.He did ot know Seth MacFarlene, Grant Green or Courtney Pine. Of course he has his recording of Dizzy with Sarah Vaughn and added he often plays it if he gets together with his golden oldies for a jam session. He is a fan of Jamie Cullum and even I quite like him. He had one of his rare jam sessions last week, Average age about 70+ with one exception, a young musician from the jazz school in Bern, very good and play bass. It seems bass players are hard to find.


    • Ah well Seth MacFarlene is better known for his films (Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West) and TV shows. Grant Green was a guitarist in the mid sixties to the early seventies. I haven’t jammed in years… I really keep meaning too


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