Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.


As is often the case my first encounter of the day had four legs, runs at the speed of a bullet in the backside of a Bat out of hell and has a rather irritating habit of gnawing my hands. Yes, I was woken by Missy Dog jumping on my bed and declaring that she was awake so I should be too and I should be making a fuss of her.

Missy is just under 12 months old now and is still very much a puppy in mentality. She’s a brown Border Terrier and incredibly slim, full of beans and very friendly. We bought Missy not long after we had to have Lady Day put down after she suffered a strike and it was partially felt Ben would struggle being on his own, but mainly we missed not having two dogs. Aside from Missy and Ben, I have been somewhat alone today until I went to work, where the first human of the day I met was John the Fish. An older regular who likes a pint of Shropshire Gold and earns his nickname from his position in the fishing society.

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