I’ll reuse this later

How much do you try to be frugal, and what are your tips for doing so? What methods do you use to try to save a bit of money when you can (coupon clipping, stocking up, re-purposing things to reuse them, etc)? What’s the greatest “deal” you’ve ever gotten on something?

I am a fairly frugal person. Root Beer bottles often get recycled to become candleholders, I turn left overs into my lunch the following day if substantial enough, if not the dogs get a special people food treat. Unless it is a spicy Curry… I’m not making that mistake again….

Worn out and split reeds I keep for kindling and many dusters are old clothes. There has always been a make do and mend mentality in my family as Mum and Granddad grew up very much on the breadline, Grandad in particular.

I am a bit frugal in my writing as well, not Terry Nation level but there are certain ideas and elements keep getting worked in. True, you could make drinking game out of the music references but that is small fry. As Henri Waldo pointed out, smuggling some form of contraband/information is a common plot point. Double act characters and lone wolves are frequent, as are grouchy leads; Arthur Fransure and Donna-Lee Cooper are examples of this. A lot of my writing is often drawn from my love of Noir fiction, spy series of the swinging sixties, observations as a barman and my own politics. Oh and the cheese toastie joke and variations on the “Cigarette?”, “Yes I know” joke get slung around too.


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