Stuff That!

Were you a fan of stuffed animals or plush toys as a child? Do you still enjoy them as an adult? What was your favorite stuffed animal when you were a kid — do you still have it? Are there any toys from your childhood that you wish you had held onto?

I was never one for huge amounts of stuffed animals. I had a few as a child, one of which was a rather coarsely fabriced yellow/brown bear with button eyes and a stitched in black nose and mouth whom for reasons I really cannot recall I christened “Grassy.” I had another long term teddy bear which was one made for me at a Teddy Bear factory when I was even younger and was called “Sunshine Bear.” Sunshine bear was very much the typical appearance of a teddy bear, only he was dressed in blue dungarees which were held up by rainbow striped straps. I had a few others but those are the two who were important to me. I still own Grassy, he sits on the bookshelf above my bed facing the door and I think Sunshine Bear is still in my storage box and gathering dust.
When I was in my first year of secondary school part of the curriculum was Home Economics which was pretty two subjects: Cookery and Textiles. Both of them were compulsory which was bought disdain to the male population of the year, but having basics in needlework is useful skill as is knowing how to uset a sewing machine. Part of the course was to make a Teddy Bear, which I did managed to complete unlike many of my class mates. It was a small white Teddy Bear with floppy ears, green eyes and instead of a squeak inside it had a device inside which growled when you squeezed it, hey it was a bear; they growl not squeak. I can’t recall what happened to it, I think I might have either left it on the bus or possibly given it to someone. I really don’t remember.
I do recall when I was courting Big Hannah (as opposed to Little Hannah with whom I worked with ar the Kynn),I was always on the look out for a cuddly Sheep as she always thought Sheep were cute. I never found one for her though….


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