Future Echoes

Which historical figure would you love to see in 21st century life? What do you think they would find most interesting, and what would they be most horrified to find? If you could travel to the future, what’s the one thing you would most hope to discover had happened?
Easy, Herbert George Wells. I would love to have him see how some of his stories have become true, for better or for worse. Are we on the road to the Eloi/Morlox future predicted in the Time Machine. Not so much for his Science Fiction ideas but his social predicts illustrated in novels such as Mr. Polly, Ann Veronica, Love and Mr. Lewisham etc…. He was a very forward thinking man in some respects in his writing. I think he would be horrified how advances in technology have just made ways for us to be even shittier to one another and is causing a chasm in our social life. I think the increase in equality would delight him though, as would the ease of acquiring knowledge.

Me? I wouldn’t want to go forward… it would be like skipping to the last chapter of a book.


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