Bridge of Sighs

If you could restore one broken relationship from your past, which would it be? Why would you pick that one, and what happened that caused the relationship to deteriorate originally? What’s been the best relationship you’ve ever had, and why was it so special?

Oh this is the million pound question. Three spring immediately to mind namely Andrea, Amy and Mary, but which one. Mary is the ex and perhaps the one which is unsalvagable. But then there is Andrea and Amy. Amy was very recent and at the moment I think a gap is required (in fact almost ten years ago she and I had a semi intimate encounter and a similar fall out) but I don’t think it is totally a write. Andrea on the other, I made a ridiculous pass at her following a party following a very 21st century will they-won’t they relationship. We both shared a love of sci-fi and Jazz, we’d spend hours talking on MSN Messenger about everything, due to location for me this was chatting into the early hours. We joked about forming an international band, her studying in the UK and when planning a holiday she suggested visiting her for Thanksgiving.
Truth is at the time I probably still had a bit of crush on her and I was denying it to myself. I wish I could go back and apologise and fix things. I do miss those talks, aside from that one mistake we got on famously. I still play the mix CD she made me for the journey to the states when travelling long distances. Man, I miss her, if only….

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