Not Guilty

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

I’ve never understood the concept of a guilty pleasure. If it is something that makes you feel guilty how can it be a pleasure. A guilty indulgence maybe, but a guilty pleasure? Not here my man.

Are there activities I do which could be frowned or eye rolled upon? Oh of course I have, who do think I am? The famous Simon Templer? (Waits for halo to appear above my head. No show. Put on I don’t care expression as worn by David Cameron when challenged in PMQT).

People frown or question why I have a photo of a delightful pretty young lady with an amazing set of eyes as my phone screen saver.  Well, because she is pretty and has amazing eyes.

The long winter coat is another. Keeps me warm, plenty of pockets to keep my knick-knacks in, protects from the weather and allows me to pretend I’m in a Private Dick in a film noir when the weather is Foggy.

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