The Jazziest Hobo

What culture (other than your own) do you find most interesting or intriguing? What draws you to this way of living? If you had the opportunity to move to a region where this culture was prevalent, would you do so? Why or why not?


I have always been interested in the culture of Cuba, partially drawn from my own political leanings. My three visits to the country were very educational for myself. Admittedly I did do less cultural investigations on my second visit which also resulted in a loss of a camera. I kept myself busy on trips one and three, ventured out to some of the villages etc. What struck me was despite the adverse poverty of the people, everyone seemed very cheerful and friendly. I suppose when you have diddly squat, the little things count. Had I had the chance I would like to have visited Russia during the cold war, but being born in the 1980s this never was a possibility. I would still like to visit Russia and learn the language too… as the Doctor said “Travel broadens the mind.”


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