What’s your favorite animated show of all time (all forms of animation welcome)? Why do you enjoy it so much? Which animated shows do you wish were more broadly popular than they are?

Hmm that is a tricky one. I used to love The Simpsons but I feel it has gone dramatically off the ball for a while now having been upstaged by Family Guy and South Park. As we many long running and ground breaking shows it has been superceded by the next generation and left to pale out.
I personally find Family Guy and most of Seth MacFarlene’s output very hit and miss for me. Ted was good but not the comedic masterpiece word of mouth was implying. The cowboy one he did the name of which totally escapes me for the moment, I thought was far superior in almost every respect, but it too had some flaws. Namely MacFarlene as lead, he lacks the charisma to pull off the sympathetic cowardly lead and there are a few jokes which fall so flat it is embarrassing.
I am going to show my Britishness and plump for the stop motion claymation Wallace and Gromit series. Written by Nick Park and former Doctor Who scribe Bob Baker, these delightful shorts are pretty a fabric of UK holiday time. The first one is probably the weakest in that it was made as a student project, but the themes and ideas of the future ones and the film is laid down. There are lots of subtle visual gags to appeal to the older audience and basic joy for children. I believe part of the success is down to the vocal talents of Peter “Norman Clegg” Sallis as the voice of Wallace and the way they make a silent clay model dog seem so imbued with character. Sadly, due to the age and declining health of Sallis I doubt we will have anymore adventures of the cheese loving inventor and his trusty dog.


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