Yes I Know It Is Xmas Time

For those who celebrate Christmas, what are your plans for the upcoming holiday? Are you hosting a Christmas dinner for family/friends, going to someone else’s house, or just spending a day at home? If you have gifts to give, do you already have everything you need, or will you be shopping to the last minute?


As has been pretty much the pattern since I was 17, Christmas Day for me is a short and stressful work day. Having been in the pub industry for for 18 years, I have expecting to work Xmas Day since I turned 18 and was old enough to work on the bar. Is this a bad thing? No. If anything I think it made Christmas day all the more tolerable as there was no argument due to less time sitting around, the day is broken up better etc. Of course these days Christmas usually consists of little more then a famile evening meal and vegetating in front of the gogglebox. Admittedly TV is naff, a special Christmas Z Cars where they investigate a special Christmas Crime, Christmas soaps where there is either a death, birth or wedding… or all three. On the whole I don’t rate Christmas editions with a few exceptions, there is a good Avengers Christmas episode, a real funny episode of Hancock’s Half Hour called The Christmas Club and the lacklustre Doctor Who specials… Only the Snowmen, Time of the Doctor and to a certain degree Last Christmas were really any good (and to be fair that may be because of how the stories are handled).

Gifts are pretty much done this year, only a few bits and bobs to top off. Need to post Katherine’s gifts though…


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