In Sickness and in Health

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?


I am very much the guy who soldiers on alone when Ill,  in fact it is very rare I stop if I am. Normally I continue as best I can and then wrap up and try and sleep whatever is ailing me off. I am not really a sickly person, I get a few colds due to working with the public but nothing major. About six years ago I had a chest infection which knocked me about for a week or so and it was one of the rare occasions I went up to my boss and admitted defeat. That was the early stages and by the Sunday I was pretty much bed ridden and suffering severe chest pains and call to hospital was required for an X-Rays, which identified a chest infection and a course of antibiotics. Though after four days sick I decided to venture back to work as it was easing a bit. Also I cannot sit still for that long, woe be tied if I ever break my leg.

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