Notes on a guest list

  • The story is a reworking of a Doctor Who Magazine comic strip entitled “The Uninvited Guest” which featured the then current 7th Doctor as played by Slyvester McCoy.
  • The Uninvited Guest marked the end of the comic strips tie in with Virgin’s The New Doctor  Who Adventures and was also the last comic strip to feature the Seventh Doctor until 1996’s Ground Zero.
  • The original story was written by Warwick Gray under the pen name Scott Gray.
  • I reimagined the story to be set at Christmas to help reinforce the logic between the Doctor’s actions. Also I wanted to illustrate the way the (unnamed by oversight) Eternals view the human race and how they fail to realise they are the ones cursed, not the ephemerals.
  • I deliberately chose a Christmas Star for the MacGuffin.  The original story has a diamond fashioned from the Time Vortex. But I deliberately went with the Christmas Star leading to a new age.
  • It was late in the day I made it to feature the current Doctor. Originally I stuck with the 7th, but felt it tied in well with 12.
  • The Eternals make their only TV appearance in the 1983 story Enlightenment which is only one ofafew stories to be written solo by a woman in the series.
  • I did think of including Missy as a counter point, but I felt it was a solo outing.
  • A key difference here us the fate of the humans involved in the game is left unknown. The original comic strip has us discover the humans on the colony destroyed themselves in a war as consequence. Here the Doctor is just putting the Eternals in their place.


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