My Hero

If you could create your own comic book superhero or heroine, who would you create? Would the origin story be of someone seeking revenge for something, or would superhero be motivated by something else? If you could make your creation into a movie, who would you pick for the title role (it doesn’t have to be a famous person)? Who would be cast as the villain?

In many twists and turns of my overactive imagination the thought of creating a comic book superhero has never crossed my mind before and admittedly still has not. I don’t think the comicbook format appeals to my writing side and I haven’t really been an active comicbook reader. I tend to read the monthly comic strip in DWM but less so now then in the past, I’m not sure if that is down to my getting older, a change in preference or the return of the series to TV meaning my interest has waned. I would probably prompt for the latter as I said, comics aren’t really my thing and I also have not being listening to the Big Finish productions or read the tie in books as much I did. I guess when they were the only officially sources of Doctor Who it was different, plus of course there is money to think about as well.
My friend Neil on the other hand has a planned out graphic novel which has something to do with (I think) a parallel 18th century steampunk French Revolution with women accused of witch craft being in the place of the French Nobility. His heroine is not exactly a superhero from what I understand, more a feminine version of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

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