The Food Show

Name a few foods that you hated as a kid but that you’ve grown to love as an adult. Why do you think your opinion of these foods changed over time? Similarly, what’s something you couldn’t get enough of as a kid that you’d be horrified at the thought of eating now?


I don’t think I ever really had any major issues with any food as a child, except for Green Peas. I did not, and still do not, like them in the slightest. They make me wretch, which was a constant source of amusement to my ex girlfriend Philippa as often when dining with her estranged family, on the plate would be… yes green peas. Being a guest it was of course good manners to attempt to clear my plate. Meal times at Pip’s were often like the moments in Summer Wine when the women gather round for coffee, with Pip’s stepfather often being the unfortunate Glenda constantly being told by Pip to “eat your dinner” after various minor misdemeanours.
I think perhaps only Casserole is the only thing I have warmed to, but it still isn’t high on my list of food to eat. I try to keep a varied diet as best I can as I like to try new things. I must admit I was slightly disappointed that when things didn’t progress beyond a terrible first date with Katazygna I never got to try any Polish cusine (no that isn’t a symonym) as it would be interesting to try.

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