Child of Our Time

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.


Earliest memory. I am going to be honest I am not entirely sure what my earliest memory is as most of my early childhood is all mixed up together and I can’t remember which bit happen first.

So what do I remember?

I remember holidays in the Caravan down in Cornwall with my Nan and Granddad. The caravan site was a field rented out by a farmer who had a tractor at the bottom. The farmer used to get the Parking Kiosk from the nearby beach of an evening  and he’d let child ride in the cab en route. I always remember we were close to the Caravan site because there was a random crucifix on a telephone pole near by.  We went to this site for many years until the farmer’s wife died and he decided to no longer rent out the field. We were very near Penzance I recall as we would frequently visit there, I recall being fascinated by trains and there was a little shunting engine named “Debbie” parked at the station.

We would ride down in Granddad’s old Cortina and I imagine it must have taken nearly all day to get there, though I don’t really recall it taking time, I do remember that we used to do a stopover coming back at a service station.

I remember staying at a boarding house when visiting Grandma who lived in Withernsea, but not much else about it save for curly toast for breakfast. My earliest memory of Grandma is picking her up from Telford train station and that may have been the last time she caught the train up to Telford. Health worries began to set in and Withernsea to Telford via public transport was, and probably still is, a bit of a complicated affair. From then on Dad used to drive across to get her and take her back with my sister or I as passenger.

Erm, I have vague memories of pre-school and of watching the JCBs on the building site across the road from the house.

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