Picture This

Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Why or why not? Does your answer change if you’re taking the picture yourself (a “selfie”) versus someone else doing so? Describe (or post!) your favorite picture of yourself, if you have it handy, and describe why it’s so important to you.


I can’t say I am a huge fan of having my picture taken, though when I do I try to make an effort to make it worth the trouble. Usually it’s to illustrate a new outfit, group of friends or a location on holiday. I don’t have any particular favourite picture of myself but there a couple of infamous ones from when I did theatre which were not originally scheduled to be taken, but we’re an off the cuff moment and ended up being put in the groups yearly round up rag. I say infamous because in them I don’t have any clothes on in them as I was doing a brief nude scene and as such I was all on display.

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