Tasks for the New Year

Now I don’t make New Year Resolutions as they are pretty much a fad, but this year I will try and set some goals to achieve. So with no further ado and in no order of preference or importance here we go:

1. Start tooting my various horns again

2. Complete Mild in May ( to certificate level).

3. Cinema at least once a week

4. Romance

5. Make Amends with Amy, Andrea and Mary-Moo

6. Relocate

7. Holiday abroad

8. See Kathy more often

9. New Job

10. Have Christmas Day off and go out for dinner

11. Get out more

12. See more live Jazz

13. Lose weight

14. Blog more.

15. Read more

16. Start the Idiot’s Lantern

17. Visit at least one different pub a week

18. Go to at least two festivals this year

19. See my friends more often

20. Be more proactive on the writing front.


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