A Beginning

So 2016 has made its debut and like most years it began with a bit of a slow start as a result the boss decided to change my shift to a split, which I agreed to. My plan was to grab lunch, see Star Wars and then return to work but the film times didn’t quite match up. The showing I intended to see wouldn’t have given me much time to get back, so I just went home and chilled for a bit. The evening shift was more or less as I expected it to go though there was a nice late rush of young blood ale drinkers which was nice and I had a nice afterwork chill watching Sherlock, which was very good and I played my usual drinking game of spotting the Conan Doyle story elements. Off the top of my head there allusions to Study in Scarlet, The Veiled Lodger, The Five Orange Pips and a slight subtle note to the Disappearance of Lady Carfax, no doubt I will present a more in depth analysis later.
The week was ok if a bit uneventful on the whole, with very few points of interest to mention. I visited Mike the Saxman to give him assistance in trying to fix his Tenor Sax. After a bit of tooing and froing with some screwdrivers I did make some improvement on the problem, but ultimately it was a case of getting it to a proper repair unit. When it comes to fixing things I’m more of a Wesley tinkering around in oiled overalls in a potting shed then a technic at Houston Space control. After this I went down to the Harp for the first time since they booted out Jazz Club, for a brewery who claimed nothing would change I couldn’t help notice the bandstand area was now filled with sofas… bet that helps the other bands. Still at least the beer is still being kept well, I just can’t help but feel that a huge cock-up has been made on the music front, a full pub is better then an empty one purely from an aesthetic point of view. After this I made a brief visit to the Mytton but it transpires I had missed Tom and such I got stuck in Mystery in White and then ordereda few things off Amazon: Alan Bell’s memoir of being producer/director of Last of the Summer Wine for 20+ years, the first volume Big Finish’s adaption of the ‘lost’ episodes of the Avengers, Spooks:The Greater Good Blu-Ray and the complete Star Wars 1-6 on Blu-Ray (yes I know it is high resolution sadness, but it was going cheap so I did a Pete), Tuesday was another non-event although I did manage to have a post new year catch up with Tom at the Mytton.
The weekend at work was relatively busy, I think the January Sale 20% Discount is a good incentive to get people out, which was illustrated by a report from an Ironbridge based pub which served 5 meals on Saturday night. Following a few requests for dark ale I ordered in a Chocolate Orange Stout which did cause a slight eyebrow raise when I read the badge… the brewery is called Amber Ales and for a moment I thought “bugger it is a light stout” a thought not helped by the badge declaring it Gold Champion did not help. However I needed not worry once I tapped it, it meant Gold as in medal status not colour.
Sunday I finally got around to seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens; it wasn’t bad and was an enjoyable romp, however I have a feeling I may get more out of once I watch the originals. The great news is there is no Jar Jar Binks, but instead we have another “funny” robot which speaks in whistles and clicks… and then we get R2-D2 as well. The story is a little bit of a reworking of the original film but there are justifiable reasons for that. Remember the film has to appeal to both Star Wars fans and the casual film goer, so keeping a fairly simple story line which sets up the next film is a sensible move. The nods to the past are easily handled and not presented in a patronising way and I don’t think anyone needs any explanation as to who Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia and Luke Skywalker are. Setting Luke up as a mythical figure to be found is a good set up device too even if does remind me of the later seasons of Blake’s 7.
So an inauspicious start to 2016 which musically has been tarred with the announcement of the death of David Bowie.


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