Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

I was always an odd one as a teenager, while my classmates were getting the hots for various members of the Spice Girls, Scully from the X Files and the cast of Xena Warrior Princess, I was more old school. I was bewitched by the lovely Tara King aka Linda Thorson from watching repeats of the Avengers. I know this makes me a minority as Diana Rigg and Joanna Lumley seemed to be more defined as glamour icons,but the girl down the street aspect of Tara appealed to me. She had a mostly normal build which was perhaps exaggerated by an expansive bosom, she was cute, fun and not so toffee nosed as Mrs Peel. In later years I was fond of Alyson Hannigan from Buffy and Amy Acker from Angel, the latter my friend Andrea bore a resemblance. Truth is I never really did teenage crushes properly as it ultimately seemed so shallow.


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