It’s Easy to Remember

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

This idea is the driving force of a classic original Doctor Who novel called Festival of Death by Jonathan Morris, in which the villian wants to harness the power of an alien race to change part of his past. It involves several time travel loops and a drug addicted lizard and the set up being the Doctor dies during the course of the story in one of the loops… it gets compIicared.

Myself? Well I would like to revisit the first day trip I took Mary on before we dated properly, I took her down to a place called Ashes Hollow just outside Little Stretton, it is a  less popular spot then Cardinmill Valley so it had a little more of an edge about it. We had had a little bit of a walk and paddle in the stream before settling down to have a picnic, which admittedly we overpacked. As we had paddled in the stream I had put on some three quarter length trousers which ended up getting dirty so I bought a pair to change into which lead to a rather surreal moment where a guys dog slipped it’s lead and ran off with my Trousers! I dread to think what random ramblers would have of made of the cry of “your dog’s stolen my trousers” and what they were expecting to see when they came around the corner. I did manage to get my trousers back from the dog, much to Mary’s amusement. Then we pretty much spent the afternoon cuddling on a picnic blanket and getting some curious reactions from passers-by. I got a thumbs up from three guys and a couple made a huge point of making a detour around us on their return. It was about this time we noticed that herds of Sheep were edging towards us and we decreed that there must be some kind of conspiracy of wool going on…

We return made a pit stop at the pub on the way and despite it being very chaste much was made of Mary’s cardigan having bits of grass stuck to it. This was probably our first romantic outing together and their were more to come…. I could tell you the story of our first kiss but I will that for another day.

Whatelse? Our first romantic night away together up in the picturesque Peak District village of Castleton and the subsequent day in the Peaks which was a magic day where we visited the Blue John Cavern, visited an abandoned road (I totally deny getting excited about it), went to a stately home and I introduced Mary to the delights of the town of Bakewell which is famous for its Tarts. I managed to rescue an escaped dog from being run over on a bus country road.

Thanksgiving day with Andrea and her extended family.

My first date with Hannah at Himley Hall.

The two holidays to Margarita… the list goes on.


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