Never in a Million Years

What’s the one job you could never see yourself doing (regardless of whether it’s much of a possibility that you’d ever have to)? Why is it so loathsome to you? What’s the worst job you’ve actually had?

I don’t think I’d want to be Prime Minister (not that I would get much of a look in even if I decided to get involved in Politics ) or any senior major Government official as I have a distinct feeling my approach would not exactly be the most popular with my focus being things like Education and doing things like removing MPS expenses accounts and/or trimming the wages of MPs, then using the money for public funds like health care. Being a figure in the public eye is not something I really wish to be, the lack of privacy etc. I like to be able to slip quietly into the background and get on doing my thing. Partially I think this may have stemmed from an ex teacher being in the audience of a play I was in and meeting me in the bar afterwards.


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