Maketh the Man

When shopping for clothes, what are your favorite stores? Why do you prefer those places — convenience, cost, available styles? If you won a $1000 gift card and could choose any one store to spend it, where would you choose?


Now this is a killer, I tend to buy my casual clothes and work clothes from Asda as it is decent quality at a reasonable rate. My favourite store is Soho’s in Shrewsbury which specialises in retro and vintage fashions. It may have an 80/20 split in favour of women but I have got some great steampunk barging. My velvet and tweed jackets, cravats etc and paisley shirts come from their. It can be a touch pricy and a bit hit and miss when you visit as to what they have, but the little gems you do get are magical. I am hoping a frock coat and a Victorian night gown and hat will turn up soon.


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