Marshall Law

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it. Sharing is caring.

Now this is a toughy as most of my “favourite” people lived a distance away, I tend only to see my best friend Katherine once a year and there were always huge gaps between meeting up with my currently lost friend Amy, 2012 was a great as Amy and I spent time together twice in one year!

I guess the best answer wold be the 3-6 week gaps when dating Philippa, she lived in Irchester not far from Northampton and I reside in Telford which is about 80 miles away. Now if we were 9-5 people we’d easily be able to meet up over weekends but neither of us were so we would do a lot of planning to meet up. Early stages of the relationship we would meet up in Hotels in Birmingham and no doubt be the subject of hushed whispers from hotel staff, but we gradually moved to staying with one another. Most of my holiday days went on visiting Pip. We would talk several times a week between these events so we were always in touch with one another, but it was a tough thing. I remember once leaving work at about 10pm to drive down to hers and arrived at midnight and she was sitting there knitting waiting for me. Sadly for her the 10 hour shift and drive down meant I pretty much feel asleep the minute my body touched the bed.

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