Lookin’ Good

Do you enjoy dressing up? What was the last time that you dressed up significantly? Was it for a special event, or just because you felt like doing it? What was the outfit that you wore?

I do enjoy dressing up now, when I was a school child I did not, not in the slightest. I think that was due to having to wear the ghastly school uniform five days a week. I found a school diary from the 1960s and the brown jumper which was part of the uniform was described in somewhat colourful terminology. “Students are required to wear a gold shirt, black trousers and a nigger brown jumper”. Ah enlightened times….

I now voluntary wear a tie and as such having been give various handles such as “funky tie man” and “the curator of ties” due to my extensive collection which includes a playing cards tie, various music themed ones and Barney Stinson’s legen- wait for it -day Ducky Tie.
Last time I got dressed up was when I visit London, the city where the streets are paved with half eaten baguettes, for two nights out with the delectable, delicious, delicate and er de-lovely Amy. Night one I worn my black pinstripe suit which I originally bought on advice from Andrea to wear at Julie’s wedding and the aforementioned Ducky Tie. Night Two I wore my silver paisley shirt, a patterned waist coat and my blue velvet jacket. Unfortunately I made a slight error in terms of neck gear and had bought a paisley tie instead of one of my cravats.

One thought on “Lookin’ Good

  1. When you reach the land of golden oldies you will no longer need a tie. Mr. Swiss wore one often in his working days, and even kept one in the desk drawer in case he was without – you never know. Today he has a wardrobe rack with the most exclusive ties imagineable, but no longer wears them. Probably they are now out of fashion because even son No. 2, who works for the Swiss government, will not wear them if offered. He prefers his own. I haven’t worn a dress for years – I don’t think they make them in my size today, but t-shirts come in all sizes and colours. Enjoy it while you can – we have few spare ties if you need one – some with well known French designer names on them.

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