And now as the snow appears, I sing the songs of yesteryear, for nothing in this world can last, not even Summer Wine

If you retired tomorrow (or in some other way no longer had to work a job anymore), how would you spend the free time you suddenly had? Would it be new hobbies, volunteering, visiting family/friends? To what age do you think you’ll have to work before you can retire?

I would probably spend a few weeks chilling until the restless urge kicked in. I would no doubt spend more time indulging my passion for live Jazz and go to more gigs and festivals and spend more time writing, in fact I would probably set myself up as a freelance writer for various publications. Well it’down either be that or I’d end up filling my time living a very real life version of Last of the Summer Wine, though I don’t think there would be much chance of sliding down the Wrekin in a Tin Bath as they are scarce these days.
I don’t think I would like to stop, I have witnessed far too many go to seed after they retire.

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