Matching Tie and Hankerchief

Life at the Mytton is its usual self, I was quite surprised to see McAlister last Monday as I believed he was in London so it was good to see him. Tuesday I popped in the Severn Gorge as I was bored to see if there were any familiar faces, the answer was no.

I watched the new X Files last week and it seemed rather complicated but that may well have been due to the amount of beers I had consumed, but it was an enjoyable return. In this day of Internet Conspiracy theories, distrust of Government and a invading sense of paranoia, it is something of an ideal moment for the series to return.
I also saw the Dad’s Army movie which was better than I thought it would be, though if that is a reflection of the movie or my expectations I don’t know. It was always going to have a tough job as the sitcom is so be loved here in Blighty and the characters are so ingrained in our psyche, the team behind the movie had an uphill struggle but with the all star cast which included Toby Jones, Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon and Catherine Zeta-Jones it had a good jump start. While it wasn’t a laugh a minute there was plenty of humour which managed to keep the spirit of the series and appeal to modern audiences as well, though die hard DA fans may baulk at the very notion of a visable Mrs Mainwaring.

In other news, I have made my first visit to Jazz Club 90 since it settled in its new home of Albrighton Sports and Social club and it was good to see the old gang again, and I mean old. Much to Ross’s amusement he was the youngest person in the club, a crown which one belonged to me, after so long stuck in the village I felt Ross needed a change of scenery and the lunch time gig seemed to do the trick. Sadly while the capacity of the club is bigger and the turn out was excellent, the social club lacks the ambience and character that the Harp had and it didn’t have any decent beer, I ended up drinking Ansell’s Mild which was a popular drink in the 70s and it probably was left over kegs from the 70s. The band was good as I knew it would be, it was JB’s Jazz & Blues Band whom I have seen a few times before and each time they have impressed. The gig opened with the Duke Ellington composition “Never No Lament” which is better known by the title it got when lyrics were added, “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” and was followed by the Fats Waller anthem “Ain’t Misbehaving”. Highlights of the first set included “Goody Goody”, Earl Bostic’s Rhythm and Blues/Jazz crossover hit “Flamingo”, Nat King Cole’s “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You” which has been covered many times by many people including Diana Krall and Acker Bilk, the set closed off with an Ellington piece only this time it was a Mercer Ellington composition called “Things Ain’t What They Used to be”
The second set kicked off with a Louis Prima vibe with a “Just A Giggalo/ I Ain’t Got Nobody” medley which upped the tempo somewhat, this was followed by the Beiderbecke/Trambuer associated number “Baby Won’t You Please Come Home” and the standard “Sweet Sue, Just You.” Highlights of the second set included Dr Jazz complete with the rarely sung opening verse, the Little Richard and Nat King Cole number “Route 66” and that lovely ballad “Everything Happens to Me”, a number I have multiple versions of including one by Ol’Blue Eyes from when he was with Tommy Dorsey band, Charlie Parker with strings, Joe Harriot and Gilad Atzmon with the strings, the latter being part of a pseudo-tribute to the famous album by Bird. The set closed with more from Prima with Jump, Jive and Wail, overall a good way to spend a lunchtime and nice to see the gang again, it is a pity it will be hard for me to go to the club again.


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