September Song

Well it had to happen eventually, my first entry on brand spanking new laptop, so it is goodbye to long entries being written upon my tablet and its strange love affair with predictive text and magically capitalising letters in the middle of words. No doubt Daily Prompts and the Writer’s Block questions will be written on the tablet, though I note with interest that yet another week has passed with not a single post from the Writer’s Block team- are they suffering from their titular condition? Perhaps Donald Trump had them all assassinated for daring to comment on his belief defying comb over, ok that is highly unlikely but what is life without whimsy?

So what has the past week or so had in store for me? The truth is, not a lot. I have started to go on a diet as I have put on a fair few pounds, partially I imagine due to my knee problem meaning I don’t do as much physical labour as I used to and staff shortages at work mean I don’t have my “cellar workout” where I get the empty barrels out the cellar, rack up the new ones and move the kegs into position. Using the rod system for the ales means I don’t have the fun job of lifting the barrels on and off the tilters which was a fair amount of lifting as a full firkin weighs a reasonable amount, also unlike the Horseshoe cellar, the Kynn cellar floor tilts towards the drain so there is no uphill fight when scrubbing the floor. There are a few changes taking place food wise, I’m having salads for lunch and having smaller and healthier evening meals. I have replaced Pork Scratchings and Crisps with fruit pots and unsalted nut selections, ranging from shelled monkey nuts to coconut pieces and knee depending will be doing more walking to places such as the Cinema and the shops. One of the biggest factors of course will be to cut down on the beer intake, which now I’m out of Birthday weekend is going to be a much simpler task. I have stocked up with various types of tea including Green Tea, Chai and Lapsong which can be drank neat or with lemon. I’m drinking regular tea with lemon during the day and only having tea with milk at the start and end of the day, fizzy drinks isn’t so much of an issue as I don’t really drink Coke, Vimto et al so just sticking to fruit juice is not a problem.

Tuesday I went to see Deadpool at the flicks, it was very funny and very good but ultimately I feel that while the character is supposed to be self aware, eventually the fourth wall breaks and self-referential jokes ultimately became a distraction. Also I don’t think Deadpool’s disfigurement was drastic enough for the adverse reactions he gets and to prompt his hiding away Sharaz Jek style, he should have been more like Jek or Peter Pratt’s Master from The Deadly Assassin. I did toy with going to see the late screening of Spotlight but it seemed a bit involved for a post pub film. Talking of pubs, I had the worst experience in a pub since I went to the Nickelodeon a few years back. While I am a patient guy and I appreciate being half term the Thomas Botfield would be busier then usual at lunchtime this visit took the mickey somewhat, it was busy so I reckon about thirty minutes would be about the waiting time, but after nearly an hour and no food I had to speak up. Kudos to the lad who I flagged down, he got on it right away and it transpires that for some reason the check had note transferred to the kitchen… while he offered to get it on straight away I was out of time as the film was due to begin, so I got myself a refund. I think the beer was from the bottom of the barrel too, so all in all a bad time. It is situations like that which can easily be prevented if chain pubs went onto table service and had the waiter/waitress bring the checks into the kitchen rather then reply on the electric equipment, plus it gives a personal touch and creates a better dining experience. It is all based on a false premise that it is quicker to order from the bar when I can assure you after 17 years experience in the Pub trade, it is not and it creates more problems. So after a no-show for food, I decided I would grab a curry on the way home which admittedly isn’t the wisest move for someone on a diet… though I am lead to believe spicy food does aid in weight loss.

Life is just as merry down at the Mytton and Mermaid though I will admit we did get onto some rather sketchy subject matter, that of the ‘art’ of manscaping, a subject bought up by the barman. Now I don’t really understand this trend as I work on the principal that if you have an unsightly ugly tree pitched in your garden you’d want a bit of shrubbery to pretty it up a bit, I think the whole shaving trend is pretty the influence of porn upon society, especially upon the ladies.

Well how did my Birthday go? Well it didn’t really, again due to staff shortages I couldn’t book the evening off , so my birthday was essentially being a potwasher all night and before just paying off my bills and handing my CV to Specsavers. On the plus side I did make some good purchases from HMV with a 100 track Swing Compilation, a 100 track Blues Compilation, an early BB King set and Johnny Cash Live at Fulsome Prison for the princely sum of 2.99, so not all bad. I will however bring a few things up with the Swing set; it has a good selection from the obvious examples, you know Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and a few less well known bands such as Jimmie Lunceford and Casa Lombardo but there are a few tracks I wouldn’t classify as swing. Duke Ellington’s “The Mooche”, “Solitude” and “I Let A Song Go Out of My Heart” while big band are by no means swing and the Fletcher Henderson selections predate the arrival of swing and Coleman Hawkins’ “Body & Soul” is generally considered to be one of the first Bebop records. These quibbles aside it is a good set and all the tracks are good even if misclassified, I haven’t listened to the Blues one yet but it has a good roster of artists including Howlin’Wolf, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Witherspoon and Mississippi John Hurt, (not to be confused with the British actor Sir John Hurt).

Other news there may be a writing project on the horizon…

And Finally

Amelia got married on Friday, it was a quiet service. The Vicar had laryngitis



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