Leaps and Bounds

This reminds me of the challenges one of my English teachers used to set in Detention.

The word ‘leap’ is a good term for blind advancement in a positive and negative light. The old proverb “look before you leap” advises you to always think about your action, a total contrast to the optimistic “leap of faith” which pretty much tells you just to take the risk.

I have often thought the term “leap year” would be a better term if it were to applied to a year which was shorter rather than longer, as in the year is leaping forward to a quicker finish.

Going back to my first point, my illustrious teacher usually would set us with the task of writing a “narrative fiction” to a random title or quote. One example was The Sound of  Silence which we all know is the title of a Simon & Garfunkel song and opens with the lovely lyric “hello darkness my old friend”.  The story I wrote was a short piece about a solitary unnamed incarnation of the Doctor who had put the TARDIS into standby for a rare attempt at a break from travelling  and eventually getting fed up and creeped out by the lack of sound, prompting him to reactivate the TARDIS and go on an adventure.  I also think that it may be the first time I referenced my character  Arthur Fransure by that name. I may be wrong there, it was a while ago. Originally Arthur was called Thomas Powell but I changed the name fairly early on.

I got to know the teacher in question very well after I left, but that is another story.


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