A bit of fluff

Best advice you have ever received: No matter what happens, some people are just arseholes.

An adventure you are wanting to take: A trip from Michigan down to New Orleans.

The time your alarm is set for: I don’t set an alarm, I am excellent at getting up when I need to… when I need to that is

Favorite room in your house: The Living Room

Truth or dare: Both

Super-power you’d want for the day: Teleportation

Where or when were you the happiest: Tough one, don’t really think I have a happiest moment.

First three things you do when you wake up: Shower, clean teeth, dress.

Favorite sound: John Coltrane’s saxes

Best meal you have eaten: So many but I guess it the one to mention is the first meal Philippa made for me.

Favorite teacher: Frank Mugglestone

Your hero: Fictional: The Doctor, Real: I dunno…

Cause closest to your heart: fighting the good fight.

Favorite name/nickname: The Sandman

Name of your autobiography: Lush Life

Funniest person you know: Sprout

Best gift you have received: My Tenor Saxophone

Vice you will never give up: Tea

What age did you feel grown up: I guess about 26

Who would play you in a movie about you: Ian Hendry or Jon Rollason

How old would you be if you didn’t know your age: 40


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