An Appointment with Godot

As Mother’s Day approaches we are trying to sort out a family meal together which is likely to take place on Monday evening as obviously Sunday is out of the question for me as I work in a pub and it is one of, if not the busiest, days of the year in the trade for food based pubs. I did think about the Mytton and Mermaid for a meal as it is a familiar venue for me being a long standing bar prop for over three years now, pretty much since that moron Ian at the Horseshoes pissed off Tom and Mike and they changed their allegiances, apparently having customers who between them spend 350 pounds at the place a week is small fry. However it is a bit pricey and I know my Nan is a fussy eater and the menu is probably a bit too complex for her pallet, so I may try the Huntsman which is where little Hannah works though I doubt she will there Monday night, they have a selection of beers and I don’t think that the menu will be too alienating for Nan.
It has been a reasonably good time down at the Mytton, though according to Tom his Tuesday was spent dealing with cretins at work and then we had a bar full of Cretinous Estate Agents being all smug and self-satisfied, oh well you cannot have everything.
The weight-loss is beginning to take off, with a bigger fruit intake, smaller portions of healthier foods and less beer in take. I have started using the exercise bike starting off with a twenty minute or so work out on it followed by ten minutes of so of physio stretches. I have noted that I have to keep the dogs out as the sound of the ribbing aggravates them and Missy keeps taking to much of an interest in in the ribbon as it moves, that could spell trouble so it is a firm case of keeping the door shut while riding the bike. It may not seem a lot of exercise at 20-30 min sessions at first but I think it wiser to ease into these things rather then over do it. I have some weights on order which are two four kilo dumbbells which will form another twenty minute work out session a day to help focus on the upper body. The biggest problem I can see from all this increased exercise moments is how insufferably boring it is! No wonder everyone at Gyms is plugged into an Ipod or a playlist on their phone while working out.

Currently I have on a Spotify playlist playing which is entitled “Good Morning Jazz”, though I doubt anyone goes around saying ‘Good Morning Jazz’ ha. It has a good selection of artists including Cannonball Adderley, Lee Morgan, the MJQ, Duke Ellington, Illinois Jacquet and Johnny Hodges amongst a plethora of other players I have heard of and a few I haven’t. Currently the full version of Morgan’s “Sidewinder” is playing, a rare example of a hit for Bluenote records and as a consequence an edited version of the track appears on countless compilations.

Elsewhere I have been reacquainting myself with the works of the late pianist Michel Petrucciani by means of his solo album Promenade with the Duke, an album released on Bluenote and features a selection of tracks composed by or associated with Duke Ellington. Most of the tracks are Ellington compositions with the exception of Lush Life and Take the A Train which were composed by his long standing musical partner Billy Strayhorn. Here is Michel in action:

I am terribly behind with my reading, I really need to get cracking with Death of an Airman as my ‘too read’ pile is getting bigger and bigger. It isn’t anything to do with story as it is well written with colourful characters and makes a sensible move in not complex introductions for the extending character list by having them introduced by their statements to the coroner following the titular incident. This gets the characters imbedded in our minds and sets up a scene where we can take it they we know most of their relationships with other characters, a problem which affected Mystery in White as the characters there seemed aloof and rather abstract.

Now Upton, do I attend this year or go elsewhere? Decisions to be made… more on this next time.


4 thoughts on “An Appointment with Godot

  1. One of my husband’s musical colleagues, a pianist, saw Petrucciani play a few times live in Switzerland. Usually no-one was allowed in the room until he was seated because he was carried in.


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