Silver Screen


Despite aspirations for entertaining on the goggle box on screen for behind the scenes this particular dream has yet to happen and probably never will, but the same cannot be said for other people in my School who have appeared in front of theveryone cameras either on screen or elsewhere.

One was a girl who was always into drama called Kelly Walters, she organised a school play for the year sevens, went to the same after school drama club as me though I bailed early on, the material provided didn’t inspire me and I was required to sing. She clearly stuck with it as she had a small recurring role as an Intern called Dawn in the long running British medical drama Casualty, though  how long she was in it for I don’t know as I don’t watch it.

The others, well they went down a different route, they went down the glamour model route. Laura surprised me as she was a always quite and wouldn’t say boo to a goose, so when she informed me she started modelling nude it was a surprise. To her credit she mostly did artistic stuff and teases from what I understand  (yes I Googled her) so I feel fair to say glamour model. The other girl, well her stage name is Paradise Summers… I think that speaks volumes. She was in the year below me and I only know of her because she was in a bodybrace and had a noticeable difficultly in walking. All accounts, it seems no one was surprised by her career choice.


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