Talk about vague starting points, these new daily prompts are pretty much open book and can lead to anything. As I have said elsewhere it reminds me of the punishment assignments at school and sometimes the vagueness is annoying. But I can be guilty of that myself.

When I was trying to recruit script writer’s for my Bloodhounds and The Fallen set ups I tended to hand out a sample idea of plot to get the idea Hamster going. For example I gave Joe a very vague brief for one Fallen episode which was “the next episode after Stopover and it needs to involve her being questioned by a masked doctor” and with that brief he created a splendid little tale entitled ‘The Lincolnshire Poacher’ which was very much a straghit forward espionage tale with some interesting research as to the justification of the title. I did my job of nip and tucking the story line as there were elements he hadn’t twigged from the brief (not realising I meant it literally followed on from  Stopover meaning our heroine was recovering from a gun shot wound to her shoulder, but that eased into the plot and made it more cohesive).

By contrast I gave Neil a much more detailed outline for an episode about a body found drowned in a mash tun at brewery and our heroinemail being hired by her thorn in her side to look into the case as he isn’t satisfied by the coroner’s verdict of death by mistake-adventure. Revival Breweries, financial meanderings and a revenge element were in the mix, hence a more detailed synopsis. I think my plan was to have it filmed in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire as there are two Breweries in the town (Six Bells and Three Tuns) so it would be a brilliant location and it is very picturesque.

I think the difference in my approach here is that like me, Joe doesn’t like shopping list elements to his writing whereas Neil quite enjoys the challenge of putting the pieces together in the puzzle to make the picture.

If I were to resurrect the project, there are few people here I would probably approach for material.



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