Small Tune on a Penny Wassil

So… what has been happening down in Groovetown? Not a lot really, Ben dog doesn’t seem to be his usual fuss pot self and tried to take a nip out of me when I picked him up, I wonder what is bothering him? I was rather poorly yesterday morning and although I had had a few drinks at the Cock Hotel after work it didn’t feel hangover ill (normally that involves me being sick once and then I am right as rain) and I hadn’t had that many beers and none were overly strong either, I have been feeling quite tired lately so I wonder if fatigue had caught up with me and lowered my usual body tolerance. I was quite sick, bringing up bile and for a moment worried I was bringing up blood but luckily it turned out I had a minor cut on my nose somehow, but my eyes were stinging and sensitive to light and I was getting light headed, possibly a migraine perhaps. So I lay on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and listened to an episode of Big Finish’s the Avengers Lost Episode range, this one was entitled Square Root of Evil and was the third episode of the TV series made and the first episode to be transmitted live. It is a pretty solid hard boiled episode which mainly focuses on Steed with Dr Keel not making his appearance until the third act, the episode revolves around a mafia like gang who amoungst other things are preparing to forge money which is where Steed comes in undercover. No diabolical masterminds or outrageous plots here, this episode is very much a crime thriller and there is a rather unpleasant moment when one the villians “teaches his wife a lesson” and Steed opts against breaking his cover rather then intervine.

The X Files has been quite contrasting in the last couple of episodes, we had a ridiculous played for laughs episode involving a man who turns into a lizard (or as it later is revealed is in a fact a lizard who turns into a man) and a much more gruesome episode involving a gollum like creature disposing of councillors who are trying to move out the people in a slum so they can knock it down and build a new building. The former I quite liked as it was very tongue in cheek and was a nice change of pace and we had an unusually large amount of Scully on display, the latter was good but it reminded me of a couple of older episodes and more should have been made of the street art coming to life angle.

Grimm, still good but it seems to be making the mistake that Buffy the Vampire Slayer made in season 4 of trying to have a top secret research institute while not having the budget to represent it properly. There seems to be a lot of plotlines beginning to get wrapped up, I wonder if the producers are worried about not getting a renewal.


Well on the positive side the lovely Louisa and Hayley were at the pub on Friday which was a pleasant surprise, Louisa is looking good considering she has just been under the knife for surgery due to Endometriosis and Hayley is as cute as a button as ever, no doubt Louisa will soon be back to her usual beauty in due course. It would seem that the lovely Katherine has been quite taken by Louisa aa she Facebooked her a friend request, prompting a bit of a quick chat between Louisa and myself in which I gave a potted history of my relationship with Kathy. Seems Katherine had noticed some of my interaction with Louisa regarding her health and found Louisa to be an inspiration, awww. When I told Louisa that, you should have seen the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes.
Erm that is about it for this week. Be seeing you.


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