The MacGuffin of Doom


The object I am thinking of here is an elusive and ever changing one, it is the MacGuffin. What is a MacGuffin? I hear you ask, well of you anyway. Those of you who are fans of the work director Alfred Hitchcock will be familiar with the term.  Put simply the MacGuffin is the item which drives the plot: Blackmail it is a glove, The 39 Steps it is a silent aeroplane engine, Psycho you could argue has two- the stolen money and Mrs Bates… but you get the idea. When I was in Murder in the Manor the MacGuffin was the family inheritance which ultimately proved moot has the Lord of the Manor left all the money and property to the staff which was a neat twist I thought.

So what other MacGuffins can I inform you of from my  own fiction?

Night on the Town has a prototype nuclear engine as the plots driving force, but not in the way you might expect.

Strangers on the Orient Express the MacGuffin is the content of Arthur’s attache case and has gone through several changes of identity.

Time Gentlemen Please has a unusual one as it is an event. Why were all the regular staff and customers absent from a pub for four days during a relief?

Well there are three to tease you?  Intrigued?  Comment and let me know


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