Water Liberater


I see the general rule for the prompt is going to be a single word for the foreseeable future, I imagine this will mean there won’t be any repeated prompts or similar themed ones for a while. I do hope at some point we get words like Sausage, Contrafibularties, Crevice… just to see the responses.

I hope the single word flow is interrupted and something meatier appears, as robust starting points are disappearing here, there and everywhere. Livejournal’s Writer’s Block questions seem to be on a prolonged sabbatical and I do miss some of the challenges presented.

So while not a flow here is a memory of boating as a child which was prompted by the muses of a fellow Livejournal user on her plans for Summer in Crystal Palace park:

I haven’t been on a pedalo since back when I was in short trousers. Every summer Shaggy and I would go up to the Town Centre and spend many a happy hour or so tootling around on the lake, usually when younger we would pretend we were Blake and Avon and the pedalo was the Liberater… we were pretty much a Bart and Milhouse friendship, as you may guess I was Milhouse. Sadly with the Southwater redevelopment, new generations of Telford kids are going to miss out on the simple pleasure of an afternoon pedaloing around the lake. Though if it were still an option I very much doubt there would be kids pretending to be Blake and Avon while tootling about.


2 thoughts on “Water Liberater

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