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  •     The prompt makes me immediately think of the classic Hitchcock movie Rear Window, you know it’s the one where James Stewart is laid up in his flat with a broken leg and unwittingly stumbles on one of his neighbours  (played by future Ironside and Perry Mason star Raymond Burr) murdering his wife. It is a film which could be called a study in voyeurism considering if you think about it, Stewart is pretty much perving on his neighbours, especially the young woman who spends most of the time dancing around in her skimped,  and only becomes justified in his actions when it transpires Burr DID kill his wife (and a cute innocent dog). But is it a statement about the cinema goers themselves? After all, are we the unseen observers of the characters lives? The thing which strikes me is the single room setting and Stewart trying to figure out if a murder took place is reminiscent of an much earlier and somewhat underrated Hitchcock movie called Rope, in which James Stewart tries to solve a murder in a film with a single set. The big difference is that Rope is very much a film played in real time; thanks to the Ten Minute take the films scenes take place in a real time environment and the set features a great trick by having the skyline change from day to evening to night, also it is sort of implied Stewart may well have been indirectly responsible for the murder. Rope is not the best of Hitchcock’s films as it lacks any real tension or any inspirng performances, the villian’s performances in particular are very wooden and the dialogue is from the wrong side of melodrama at times, but the technical achievement is interesting.

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