Trio of Doom


When it comes to the great play that is my life, any friendship based activities could be written as a chamber piece as I have always kept a small but close group of  friends. My school days, college days etc can probably be summed up with my social circle mainly being three of us being the really close friends and a small entourage we’do interact with. School it was Myself, Big Nick and the Major (though he achieved that nickname later on) and were something of a collection of oddballs and misfits. I was a little less cynical but often spouting a wry muse of a monologue and trying to keep out of  the spotlight, Big Nick was an ideas man and very much into making things and the Major, well he was short and scruffy and more often than not, the guy who ended being the victim of mine and Nick’s various ideas. Yup, were a high school version of Clegg, Seymour and Compo it seems, although at no point did we ever slide down the Wrekin in a tin bath. I think our last outing as the trio of doom was when we were about 17 and we piled into Big Nick’s Land Rover and had a Sunday wondering around Shrewsbury. The Major drifted but for a fair while Big Nick and I would meet for drinks with some of my college pals for drinks on a Friday night.



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