I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing

Bar Tariff

It is the bane of the publican’s life, putting a reasonable price on beer and soft drinks. As a worker in an independent company we cannot compete with the big breweries and as we don’t have the buying power to buy in bulk and have a bargain basement price like at Wetherspoons. So we are slightly pricer then some places,  but I don’t think we are excessive. Most places I drink in the beer is between £3 and £3.50 depending on the strength and brewery, (Wye Valley is a particularly pricey company, but the beer is good) and I am happy to pay that as it keeps the various places warm, clean etc and the beer is ALWAYS kept well.

The most expensive beer I’ve had was at an All Bar  One by Euston station and it was £5.50 for a basic keg bitter, I know it is London but blow me I wasn’t expecting that. It wasn’t even that nice.



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